Including a tree in a scheme is an essential part of any planting design for me. Recently a planting commission comprised entirely of trees – the use of mature specimens transformed the whole look of the building instantly. With specimens available in containers all year round there is no longer a restriction on the time of year that this work can be done. Although with the recent hot weather a good watering system is essential for the success of any new planting. Small spaces are obviously a tricky place to put a tree. In some cases it is possible to incorporate trees that are outside of the garden, making the best possible use of the shade, shelter and structure they provide…
Natural materials are always a joy to work with. They take the form that we craft them into and then go about settling themselves into their new surroundings and becoming part of the landscape. The local stone of the ribble valley is no exception, freshly quarried, it has a beautiful bright warm hue to it, the shades of golden yellow and amber almost come alive in the sunshine. As time passes the exposed surfaces react with the elements and the brightness fades, becoming softer to the eye. Designing a planting scheme to complement the colours of this particular stone has been a joy…
Berries, currants and grapes will all grow in a spot of Lancashire sunshine if you provide the right conditions and carefully select the variety best suited to cooler temperatures. Many catalogues highlight varieties able to cope with less than perfect growing conditions, making a successful choice much easier…
We are all getting used to the idea of growing a few herbs, some vegetables or planting a fruit tree in a spare corner of the garden. An idea that is not quite as familiar is the practice of harvesting flowers to eat..
Garden designer and landscaper Teresa Potter advises on how to transform your garden with detailed planning and intelligent planting.
The delight in welcoming garden birds into our lives is something that we can all enjoy. Even if we have made no effort at all, the chances are they will still occasionally visit.
With inspired planting and astute planning, autumn can herald a blaze of colour in your garden. As the soft, subtle shades of summer fade away, out come the rich, rusty reds, vivid yellow and burnt orange that form the colour palette at this time of the year.
The wonders of digital technology and the expertise of garden designer Teresa Potter can now take you on a virtual tour of your new garden – long before the first seeds have been sown. See the design at every level, explore the pathways and consider the positioning of important features, all through digital imagery – this is groundbreaking technology at its very best.
Garden designer, Teresa Potter, is best known for her impressive designs and innovative planting schemes, but those who employ her services will know that it’s her ability to nurture a garden in the long term that makes investing in her design skills so worthwhile. Just recently I had the pleasure of viewing a garden that Teresa designed and planted almost three years ago, which is flourishing due to continuous review and development.
When people think of gardens they tend to think of pretty flowers, lawns and greenery, but the true backbone of any garden is the hard landscaping. I often refer to the hard landscaping aspect of the design as the ‘bones of the garden’. Getting this right is crucial, as the constituent parts will be there for a long time. They form the unchanging basis of the design on which everything else is laid.
Beginning a newbuild project can be a daunting task for anyone – you want to be sure that your new home and garden fulfil your expectations. “Much of my work as a garden designer happens further down the line, however, by thinking about the design of your garden at the beginning of the process you are more likely to maximise every opportunity.
Garden designer, Teresa Potter has been reshaping and improving gardens throughout the north west for over 10 years and over this time has formed close relationships with many of her clients. One such client, Brenda Butler of Freckleton has employed the services of Teresa on several occasions, resulting in the development of a beautiful garden and an equally beautiful friendship.
As a garden designer, one question I often get asked by prospective clients is at what stage of a project should they call upon my services? My answer is always the same – if you are ready to think about the garden, then it is the right time to speak to me. Whether your home and garden are being designed from scratch, you’ve undertaken a renovation project or you’re simply making a few minor refurbishments to your home and garden, as soon as the planning stages commence, it is well worth involving a garden designer.
Live Ribble Valley readers will remember the last time we caught up with garden designer, Teresa Potter, in July 2010, when she spoke about her ongoing business relationship and friendship with her existing client, Brenda. The article ended with the news that Brenda had commenced a renovation project on a separate property and had commissioned Teresa to redesign the courtyard garden. Teresa talks to us about the completion of this project and how new technology played a significant part in its success.
We use our tastes and style choices to express our personalities in pretty much every aspect of our lives. But, there is one major area that all too often gets overlooked and left out of the personalisation party – your garden. Teresa Potter, garden designer extraordinaire, believes that everyone’s gardens should reflect their character, whether it is used as a family area, a plot or a relaxation zone. She says: “It is the personal touches that make a garden your own and make you enjoy spending time there. Simple additions, like your favourite plants or flowers in your favourite colour are a great place to start and will give you something to build on.”
Teresa Potter has been transforming baron, empty spaces into heavenly gardens throughout the north west for the past 10 years. From her high profile commercial contract at the Michelin-starred Northcote to her contracts at private homes of all sizes, Teresa’s beautifully designed gardens provide award winning chefs with quality organic produce and families with a place to enjoy each other’s company and the outdoors. Teresa’s green fingered nature became apparent as a young girl when she helped work the land on her family’s farm in Wiltshire.